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Apartment Videos

We Create Videos That Showcase Properties & Surrounding Areas

We are a small all in one video production shop based here in the DFW area and we have experience in creating commercial and corporate videos. We have specialized in creating videos that help apartments market their properties on their website, social media and large scale advertising channels.

Whether you are starting from scratch and you are new to video, going through a re-brand, or just looking for some updated content we have a straight-forward approach that turns your marketing goals and objectives in to a video that highlights your property.

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We capture the floor plans and physical space as well as amenities that help market a property. The amenities that help draw your tenants in will be showcased in an exciting video that can be displayed on your website, social media channels and even used in advertising and marketing efforts.


Our Process

It’s An Easy And Smooth Process To Create A Video With Us.

We have built a process that is focused on creating a video that showcases the property, it’s amenities and even surrounding lifestyle that can be shared across multiple channels and marketing efforts.

We know time is hard to come by so we have built a process and refined it through many projects to find the most streamlined and straightforward method to creating a video that meets goals and expectations without having a huge time commitment from your team or agency.

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In addition to filming all of the physical components that make up a property, we also capture the surrounding culture and lifestyle. While prospective tenants can tour the unit, it is harder to see what it would be like living in the area. Our videos help highlight the surrounding life around the property. We have even combined filming the surrounding area with concepts and drafts for properties that aren’t even built yet to help find future residents.

[vc_toggle title=”FAQ” open=”true”]What does the pricing structure look like?

The pricing varies based on the projects needs, so it is handled on a case by case basis. Some properties need more surrounding culture captured, some properties have multiple floor plans and a lot of amenities to showcase. Our pricing model is built based on production days and editing hours, that way our pricing is directly tied to the project’s needs.

I have a small team, how can we get the project complete?

Our pre-production and planning process has been refined through many projects. We have streamlined the process to know exactly what questions to ask to make sure that we can deliver a video that meets expectations without tons of meetings or time involvement. This way, you and your team can continue business as usual as we capture different amenities and units during production.

Who will be filming the project?

We are heavily involved in all of our productions and we do not have any contractors. All of our videos are filmed by our in house team.

How long does the project take?

We utilize an online application that ties you in to our post-production process. You are able to comment and leave feedback directly on the video, so no need for back and forth emails. Between this and our pre-production process we are able to turn our projects around quickly at the pace of your feedback. Most videos will have a rough edit to review within 1-2 weeks.

What does the editing process look like?

Utilizing online review tools, our clients are able to watch, mark up, and comment directly on the videos so we can quickly address feedback. We include two rounds of revisions in most of our projects to make sure that we hit your expectations.

What if my property is still in development?

We have created videos in the past that have leveraged surrounding area and culture footage mixed with conceptual art (or mock-ups) or the property in the location to create a video that can help market a property that hasn’t even been built yet.

What if I manage multiple properties that need videos?

Please reach out to us to get a personalized quote that considers all of the properties that you have.[/vc_toggle]

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